Posted by: coomercove | September 5, 2011

Bass Brandon Barry Departs The Old Paths

As I mentioned in my last post, what I have dubbed southern gospel’s silly season (personnel changes leading up and following NQC) is going on strong this year.  I have confirmation that bass vocalist Brandon Barry is no longer with The Old Paths.   I’ve heard that Brandon will be sharing the stage with Mike and Jordan LeFevre in a reworked LeFevre Quartet (minus David Staton?).

As always with an up and coming group, you wonder if a top tier group is going to swoop down and snatch up a member of a group, stalling (and sometimes stopping) a group’s climb in the industry.  In this case however, I don’t even think the move is a lateral one for Brandon.  It is definitely not an upward move.  The LeFevre Quartet’s future looked brightest a couple of years ago with the release of Nothin’ But Good on the restarted Canaan Label.  They had a fresh, modern sound that grabbed a lot of people’s attention.  Following the departure of Gus Gaches to Legacy Five, the group has released a much more traditional sounding table project of classics.  However, I’ve not heard much talk about them over the last year.

I admit that I’m biased… The Old Paths are my favorite current group.  However, I honestly feel that they are “this close” to breaking through and taking big strides in the industry.  They are making appearances with many of the leading pastors across the country.  They have a song (“Too Far Gone”) climbing the charts and have the best song (“The I Of The Storm”) from their last mainline project, Wonderful Life, set to follow it to radio .  As I mentioned in a recent concert review, they stole the show at a packed concert with the Hoppers and Gold City.  I expect The Old Paths to announce a new bass vocalist soon and continue their climb.


  1. they should pick up Tim Duncan 🙂

    • I really doubt that Duncan is going to want to plunge back into road life, because he was definitely burned out when he stepped down. My guess is he’s enjoying a less strenuous life right now and would be hesitant to change back.

  2. […] SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music // It turns out that Brandon Coomer was right about a “reworked LeFevre Quartet;” a press release was sent out today regarding lead singer and group co-founder David Staton’s […]

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