Posted by: coomercove | September 14, 2011

Craig West Leaving Gold City

Well, the bomb dropped.  Nate Stainbrook confirmed that Craig West is leaving Gold City following NQC.  I’d heard that Craig had given notice three weeks ago, but I was hoping it was just rumor.  Over the last couple of weeks, I kept hearing that he was leaving, but they were keeping it quiet until after NQC.  This situation raises my respect for Craig way up for two reasons.  One, he honestly answered Nate’s question, and two, his reason for leaving Gold City.  Craig’s son told him that he wants his dad at home more and Craig is taking steps to be there for his son.  I hate that Craig will no longer be part of Gold City, but respect that he is putting his family first.

So, where does Gold City go for a lead singer?  My first thought is Josh Feemster.  I pegged Josh as a prospect for Gold City the very first time I heard him sing with Mercy’s Mark.  However, a friend mentioned someone who could possibly be an even better fit for Gold City than Josh, especially if they continue down a more modern sound.  My friend mentioned Scott Allen, who actually replaced Josh Feemster in Mercy’s Mark.  I think either of those men would be a good hire for Gold City.

Please keep all involved in your prayers (especially Craig and his family and Danny Riley, as he again is faced with finding a new singer for Gold City).

Also, please remember to pray for all those traveling to and from the National Quartet Convention this week.  I (along with my dad and uncle) will be leaving tomorrow morning to spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the convention.

UPDATE:  I’ve heard rumblings of a name that I did not mention above.  If the new lead is this man, Gold City may have struck gold again.  I was told several months ago that this man had a voice perfect for Gold City and would fit them better than Craig West.


  1. Someone on NQC chat said they heard they’ve hired a guy whose nickname is “punkin.” Don’t remember his actual name, though. LOL

  2. Jerry Pelphrey…

    • That name sounds familiar… not sure why. Has he sung with anyone before?

      • Figured it out… Doug Roark of the Old Paths introduced me to Jerry at a concert in Chattanooga a few months ago. Doug and Tim Rackley told me that Jerry sounds so much like a young Ivan Parker that it is scary.

  3. I know that Jerry Pelfrey (aka “Punkin”) will be taking over lead for Gold City (he has confirmed on his facebook page) and will be appearing at NQC this Thursday.
    He has recently sang with his own group “The Pelfrey’s” and in previous years had traveled and sang with the “Rowlands”.
    Punkin is a great church and family friend of ours and we are looking forward to watching him live out his dream and watch God use him in a mighty way!

    And Yes, he does sound like a young Ivan Parker; all the way!

  4. […] this through multiple industry contacts and Jerry’s own facebook page.  MJF commented here that Jerry should be appearing at NQC on Thursday. Advertisement LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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