Posted by: coomercove | September 19, 2011

Quick NQC Thoughts

I hope no one was expecting daily NQC updates from me.  I could barely find time to eat (one night, I didn’t even find time for that) or sleep, much less time to post.

Here are my quick NQC highlights for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:

  • FINALLY meeting Diana!
  • The Collingsworth Family… how did I go this long without ever hearing them?  Both of their sets were excellent!
  • The Booth Brothers are in a class of their own.
  • I honestly wasn’t looking forward to hearing the Dove Brothers minus David Hester.  I have to say, I sold Burman Porter short.  The two sets by the Dove Brothers I saw were great.  And I enjoyed seeing my friend Joe Lane playing piano on the main stage for the Doves.
  • Gerald Wolfe’s scrap iron quartet singing “Looking For A Tenor”… if I subscribed to the Singing News, I’d give him my vote for song writer of the year
  •  The Perrys set on Friday was solid, but the dedication to their young fan in Texas put it over the top for me.  Super nice touch.
  • I got a kick out of seeing the male members of the Perrys going crazy over Tim Riley burying notes during Gold City’s set.  I got a (blurry) picture of Tracy Stuffle’s tongue literally hanging out of his mouth!
  • During an afternoon showcase, Marshall Hall blew me away with a beautiful piano-only rendition of “There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace,” which is found on his new Daywind project.
  • I passed up the “Freedom Hall” showcases on Saturday so I could see a few groups that were not appearing on the mainstage, but I did make sure I caught Channing Eleton opening up “Song Of A Lifetime”  with his song, “Up On This Ridge.”  I was expecting him to be at the piano, but he sung and played the accordion.  Channing has always been one of my favorite people in SGM, so I was happy I got to see him perform.

One more thing… I bought 28 CDs and 8 DVDs, including projects by the usual suspects (Legacy 5, Mark Trammell QT, Greater Vision, Triumphant, Dove Brothers, etc.), new to me groups (Collingsworth Family, Rambo-Mcguire), and up and coming artists (Promise, High Road, Omega, Paul’s Journey).


  1. I guess we were on opposite sides of the coin as far as the Dove Brothers are concerned. When they had David Hester, it was one of those situations where if I was in my seat and they were up next, I’d stick around, but I wouldn’t make a mad dash out of the exhibit hall for their sets. Burman Porter has always been one of my favorite bass singers, so when he came back, the Dove Brothers sets became “must-see” for me. He was always a good bass singer, and I don’t know what happened when he joined Palmetto State, but he seemed to get so much more depth to his low notes with them. Needless to say, he killed it every night at NQC. Count me in the number who enjoyed the endless encores of “King Jesus.” Maybe they should have held off on that live recording so they could have gotten him on it!

    I wish I’d seen The Perrys guys going nuts over Tim Riley, because that’s probably exactly what I look like when I’m at a Gold City concert!

    • I enjoyed all the encores of “King Jesus” too.

      I will try to post a couple of pictures of the guys from the Perrys. The quality of my pictures aren’t that great, but it shows that they aren’t just artists, but fans too.

      • I love seeing things like that. If you really want to see something fun, watch Pat Barker in the audience of any Southern Gospel concert. I think he might be the biggest fan of the music who also happens to sing it for a living.

      • The last time the Mark Trammell Quartet was at Phil Hoskins’ church, the choir did a few songs before the quartet took the stage. I’m not really a fan of choirs, but I got a blessing out of watching Pat stand up and worship while the choir sung. Not many people were standing during the choir’s songs, but Pat was one of the few, and I don’t think he sit down at all while the choir sung.

  2. You are so kind to an old lady, Brandon!! I can’t believe it took us this long to finally be at a concert together when we live in neighboring states!

    I KNEW you’d love the Collingsworth Family!!

    I really enjoyed seeing Marshall Hall as a soloist, too!

  3. I can’t believe you went this long without discovering the Collingsworth family either. 🙂

    28 CDs and 8 DVDs? Phew. Probably shouldn’t ask how much you ended up spending in all… all for a good cause though. 😀

    • The $400 I spent was for a good cause. I actually bought a few projects that I had received review copies of from the record labels. I wanted to support the artists that I really enjoy and appreciate, but I also have this strange compulsion to have full retail copies of everything released by my favorite groups.

      • Well I kinda wish some companies would include things like liner notes for advance copies… when I got the latest Booth Brothers’ it was just the bare CD in a flimsy little slip case.

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