Posted by: coomercove | December 30, 2011

Track Lists for 2 Major Upcoming Releases

I received the new Springside Marketing catalog in the mail yesterday.  Two upcoming releases featured on the cover (EDIT:  I looked at the cover again… only the EH&SS release is on the cover.) caught my attention, especially since the catalog included the tracklist for each project.

The first was Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s new CD, Here We Are Again.  About a week ago, Daniel Mount posted a video of the group staging a song from the CD.  The song was described in comments as being a “southern rocker.”  Although I’m not usually a big fan of EH&SS, the video has got me looking forward to the project.  I’m thinking that “I Believe” is the song that will feature new bass Ian Owens.  It is a song that he recorded with the Imperials.  Hopefully, this will showcase what Ian can do more than what little that has been released since he’s joined the group.

The second project is the Crabb Family reunion recording, Together Again.  When the Crabb Family “retired,” their final project, Letting Go, let me down.  I hated to see their incredible run end with such a disappointing project.  I’m hoping the new project will make up for that.  You can listen to samples from three songs on Jason Crabb’s online store.  All three songs feature a softer country approach than the driving, rocky sound that I remember from their last recording.

Below are the track song lists for each project:

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Here We Are Again

  • I’ve Been Here Before
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Singing in The Midnight Hour
  • I Believe
  • Here We Are Again
  • Thankful To You
  • Any Other Man
  • Every Time
  • Stand By Me
  • Love Carried The Cross
  • Sometimes I Wonder
  • You Are Welcome Here (EDIT)

The Crabb Family – Together Again

  1. You Can’t Do That Anymore
  2. Come Home
  3. If There Ever Was A Time
  4. Say A Prayer
  5. Life Meets Grace
  6. This Is You and Me
  7. Back To The Front Porch
  8. God Has A Plan
  9. No Problems
  10. I Love You This Much


  1. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” for EHSS? Niiiice! That oughta be good.

    • Well, it’s definitely not a straight-ahead rendition. It might not be as different as “Get Away Jordan,” but there’s some of that direction in it.

      • I didn’t think “Get Away Jordan” at all. More like “Someday.” It would have felt right at home on the _Influenced_ projects.

  2. Is “Stand By Me” a recut from their first album?

  3. The track listing is wrong. At least it’s not the way the tracks are arranged in my copy of the album, and I’m pretty sure you’d find it this way on any other site:

    1. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
    2 . Singing In The Midnight Hour
    3. Here We Are Again
    4. I Believe
    5. I’ve Been Here Before
    6. You Are Welcome Here
    7. Loved Carried The Cross
    8. Stand By Me
    9. Every Time
    10. Sometimes I Wonder
    11. Thankful To You
    12. Bonus Track: Any Other Man (Live from Bucharest, Romania)

    • My “source” was the Springside Marketing catalog. At the time I posted this, I did not see the track list online. I just saw that the track list has since been posted to Signature Sound’s website. Thanks for the updated info!

    • So is there a live version and a studio version of Any Other Man on the cd?

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