Posted by: coomercove | January 17, 2012

Poet Voices Together Again… Again

 Phil Cross has reformed Poet Voices with former member Donny Henderson and tenor Dan Callahan.  The full press release announcing their return can be read here.

Poet Voices was one of my favorite groups during the group’s first run, especially the line up with Dale Brock, Phil, Donny, and Tim Duncan on bass.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the direction the group took a few years ago during their second run, which included Phil, Mark Lanier, and Greg Crowe.

 This third iteration of the group sounds to be getting off to a solid start judging from this video of the group singing “Grace And Glory.”  The song seems to be a focus or theme for the group as it is the song the group is using to announce their return and the song title is featured in the group’s website header.  It is also the title song of a six song recording that is already available for download in the group’s online store.

 Also, I’m impressed by the group’s roll out.  In addition to a full website and a digital EP, the group has a you tube page with the music video mentioned above, individual testimonies from each of the group members, an event promo, and an electronic press kit, which I’ve embedded below.

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