Posted by: coomercove | July 5, 2012

Dove Brothers Name & Website Change

If an official announcement has been released and this is common knowledge, I apologize, but I justImage discovered this week that the Dove Brothers have apparently given up the “Quartet” name and adopted the “Band” moniker.  I know when the group added the band a couple of years ago they were sometimes billed as the Dove Brothers Quartet with the Dove Brothers Band.  However, the name change now applies to their website.  The domain name has expired and the group’s website has moved to

This move brings to mind the name change the Dixie Melody Boys tried in the early 1980s when they became the DMB Band for a couple of years.  Hopefully, this name change will work out better for the Dove Brothers.


  1. That is exactly what it reminded me of too. The loss of the quartet name will make them potentially have more chances outside of SGM, but it might further irritate the fans who don’t care for the direction they are going and further add fuel to the fire to the rumor they are leaving SGM even though I don’t think they are. If they are smart, however, they will hang on to the old domain name and have it forward to the new one and site. Otherwise someone else can get a hold of it and use it for bad, people who go to the old won’t know where to go necessarily, and if they ever decide to go back to the old name the address might be unavailable for purchase. It would only cost them probably around $10 or less a year to keep the old domain name.

    • McCray still has the old domain so if you do enter it then you will go back to the No worries.


      • So it appears I was once again wrong quartetman. I give up. Lol

      • Joe, as a married man I am sure you are wrong quite often. 😉

      • Hey Quartet Man

        I take it you’re married too. Lol. I did talk to McCray and he is or already has ( not sure which ) gonna fix the link to the website. I had someone email me about that and thought I’d check myself and it wasn’t linked up at the time I replied to you. Sorry about all that.


  2. Brandon…what did you think of them Sunday evening?

  3. Brandon,

    It thrilled Lynn and I to death that you Harold and Tammy came to Bristol. I always love seeing you all and appreciate your support more than words can say. You guys are my family and WE LOVE YOU!! The sight looks great on my phone. It’s 3:30 am and I’m patiently waiting on the bus again in Columbia SC. Lol. I might go to bed in the truckstop.

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