Posted by: coomercove | August 7, 2012

Upcoming product from Triumphant Quartet

With the assistance of Daniel Mount’s monthly post listing upcoming southern gospel releases (the latest of which is here), I’ve been putting together my NQC shopping list (hard to believe it is just over a month away!).  After compiling my list, I noticed a couple of major groups that are due some type of project were missing.  One of the groups, Legacy Five, is searching for a bass singer, so that explains their lack of new release.

The other group I noticed missing was Triumphant Quartet.  I sent their baritone Scott Inman a message and he filled me in on the group’s NQC product releases, which he graciously gave me permission to share.

Triumphant will have four new products at NQC.  The new quartet CD is a piano/vocals only hymns collection.  The group is also releasing a CD entitled “The High, the Low, & Everything In Between” featuring three solo songs by each member.  They will also have two projects aimed at newer fans of the group.  The first is entitled “Decade,” a two CD set of the group’s 30 most popular songs over their first ten years.  And for fans who really want to catch up their Triumphant Quartet music collection, a 20 CD box set containing every one of the group’s previous releases will be available.

Thanks to Scott for the info!

And since I’m discussing Triumphant, they just released a concept video for their current single, “Let’s All Stand For America.” You can view the video on You Tube or their facebook page.


  1. Legacy Five had been working on two projects that were going to be released at NQC. One was a new table project, the other a live album. The live album will probably never see the light of day now for obvious reasons. And the table project they are still hoping to finish by NQC; but that is becoming a fading possibility as each day passes without the new bass singer in tow.

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