Posted by: coomercove | September 6, 2013

Cathedrals Family Reunion Song List

Wait.  I have a blog?  I still have a blog?  WOW!

Okay, being serious, like most southern gospel fans, I am looking forward to the November 12, 2013 release of the Cathedrals Family Reunion recording.  Over the last couple of months, several “in the studio” videos and pictures have been posted to facebook giving us a glimpse of the songs that are to be included.  What I had not seen was a full list of the songs that would be included on the recording.  Today, I discovered the list on the Provident Distribution website.

Here are the songs that the website has listed:

  • Search Me, O God (featuring George Younce & Glen Payne)
  • Somebody Touched Me (featuring Danny Funderburk)
  • O, Come Along
  • Oh, What A Savior (featuring Ernie Haase)
  • He Made A Change (featuring Scott Fowler)
  • I’ve Read The Back Of The Book (featuring Roger Bennett)
  • We’ll Work
  • Blood Washed Band
  • Can He, Could He, Would He (featuring Mark Trammell)
  • Wedding Music
  • We Shall Be Caught Up
  • Champion of Love (featuring Gerald Wolfe)

This list gives us the songs and who is featured on most of them.  We can see that Gerald is featured on “Champion Of Love,” not Scott.  No big surprises are found unless you are shocked that “Boundless Love” is not included.  I’m pleasantly surprised that Mark Trammell’s feature is “Can He, Could He, Would He,” NOT “Master Builder.”  The inclusions of “We Shall Be Caught Up” and “Oh, Come Along” are appreciated.

One question I have is concerning the radio single “We’ll Work.”  The write up on the project says,

As an added bonus, an original song, “We’ll Work,” is being recorded and exclusively released to radio.

That would seem clear that the song isn’t on the recording, yet the song title appears on the song list for the CD.  Hopefully, I will find out a definite answer at NQC next week!

Thanks for reading……. both of you!  LOL


  1. I wonder who will be producing this project? Mark Trammell? Wayne Haun? Gerald Wolfe? Judging by “We’ll Work,” it sounds like Wayne’s work….

  2. I’m guessing Wayne did most of the producing with input from Gerald.

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