Posted by: coomercove | September 16, 2009

Legacy Five Searching For Tenor

Averyfineline has confirmed that Frank Seamans is leaving Legacy Five as soon as a replacement tenor is found.  The move has been rumored for months, beginning not long after Frank’s son, Frank JR, was diagnosed with cancer.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the Seamans family and to Legacy Five as they search for a new tenor.

This is the second time in Legacy Five’s existence that they will begin searching for a new tenor during or immediately following the National Quartet Convention.  Original member Josh Cobb left the group after the 2000 NQC.  Cobb had won the Singing News Fan Award for Horizon Individual just days before leaving the group.  My memory fails me on the specifics, but his departure may have involved some bubble gum.

While we are on the subject of Legacy Five, they have their Fall Special in their online store.  You can order their brand new Just Stand CD and Live At The Oak Tree DVD projects, along with the God’s Been Good DVD and Decade CD for $50.  You can also add the Jubilee! CD for $10 more.  Two CDs, a double CD, and two DVDs for $60 is a great deal, especially considering that three of the five projects are brand new.


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