Posted by: coomercove | November 21, 2007

Greater Vision – You Can Have A Song

Greater Vision – You Can Have A Song

  1. You Can Have A Song *** – Nice, but nothing that blows you away.
  2. God Will Make A Way **** – Good track featuring Mark on the first verse and Gerald on the second. This is the “sound” of the original Greater Vision.
  3. Redemption Draweth Nigh ***** – This track isn’t heavily orchestrated as the version found on Far Beyond This Place, but Gerald is at his best on this type of song.
  4. I’ll Be A Friend To Jesus *** – A standard cut of the old hymn.
  5. Treasure’s Unseen **** – Beautiful song featuring Chris. It reminds me of Chris’ vocal from “Jesus Is Here” on the 20 Inspirational Favorites project.
  6. Sailing Away *** – This slower number features Mark and Chris.
  7. When The Gates Swing Open **** – Another song that is the typical style of this lineup.
  8. Something Beautiful ***** – I have always loved the way Greater Vision performed this song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone do it better. Chris is awesome on the verse.
  9. Better Hurry Up **** – A great cut of this old Goodman song. The only knock on it is I keep waiting for a key change and a final chorus, but it never comes.
  10. Make Me A Blessing **** – A beautiful, beautiful song. Mark gives a great vocal on the verses.

This is Greater Vision’s very first project, featuring Gerald, Mark, and Chris. There is nothing fancy on the project, but from the start, they captured the sound that the group would maintain until Chris’s last project, Take Him At His Word, which took them in a slightly different direction (Speaking of that project, anyone have a copy of it on CD they want rid of? If so, I’ll take it!). 39 stars for a 3.9 average, close to the four star rating I’d give this project as a whole. It is a very good debut, but to be honest, outside of the historical aspect of it, it isn’t worth the price you’d probably have to pay for it.


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